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Panjab Digital Library - Digitization of The Menace of HIndu Imperialism
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The Menace of HIndu Imperialism

Description Hinduism has been compared to a "Boa Constrictor", who first squares its victim and then swallows it completely. The present author brings out this fascist and imperialistic trait of Hinduism which has not only eclipsed all other religions like Buddhism, Islam and Sikhism in India but also divided the Indian society into warring communal communities by creating the caste system. Brahminism, more specifically, its priestly class dominance over Hindu society has kept the mass of Indian people in perpetual slavery for countries. It has been responsible for the economic, social and political exploitation of majority of India's population for centuries. The author calls it "Hindu Imperialism" and regards it a menace as deadly and harmful as the German Nazism. In his opinion, Hinduism and Brahminism are synonymous and interchangeable terms. He traces the origin, evolution and present status of Brahminism and the damage effects of Hindu classical texts and their preachings. The stinging critique of Hinduism by a learned Hindu scholar is really thought provoking and worth studying.[edit]
Keywords Brahminism, Vedic Period, Varnas, Aryans, Indo-Aryans, Castes, Priests, Kshatriya-Brahmin struggle, Brahmin Imperialism, Buddhism, National Religion, Nalanda, Muslim Rule, Arthashastra, Shivaji, British, Hindu culture, Hindu-Muslim conflict, Hindu Downfall, Swaraj, [edit]
Accession Number   BK-001033
Author Dharma Theerth, Swami
Year 1946
Script Roman
Language English
Custodian Institute Of Sikh Studies
Completion Complete
Condition Good
Pages                         396
 Digitization Sponsor (India)
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