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Panjab Digital Library - Digitization of Hindus and the Punjabi State
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Hindus and the Punjabi State

Description "If the minds of the masses had not been vitiated by crafty political demagogues, the people, who had all along been speaking Punjabi in their homes, should have unanimously demanded that their spoken tongue, written in Gurumukhi script, should replace Urdu. The plea, that Gurumukhi was not known to majority of them, should not have stood in the way of their granting recognition to it as the provincial script, because its rightful place had been usurped by Arabic"[edit]
Keywords Hindu, Punjabi State, Om Prakasha Kahol, Prachara Sabha, 1955, Master Tara Singh, Kartar Singh, Brahmi, Devanagari, HIndu-Muslim Conflict, Punjabi Language, Hindu-Sikh Relation, Hindu Rashtra, 1947, Partition of Punjab, Gurmukhi, Urdu, Sikh state, Akali Dal, Congress, Gandhi, [edit]
Accession Number   BK-000804
Author Om Prakasha Kahol, Prof.
Year 1955
Script Roman
Language English
Publisher The Hindu Prachara Sabha Ambala Cantt.
Custodian Kirpal Singh, Dr.
Length 21.0
Breadth 13.0
Completion Complete
Condition Good
Pages                         148
 Digitization Sponsor (Canada)
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Revealing the Invisible Heritage of Panjab