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Displaying: 1 to 20 of total 22 guest comments
sunny, london  United Kingdom
well done to all at the punjab digital library in creating a nostalgic archive showcasing the punjab breadbasket of india as it was during the 1950s-1960s-1970s-1980s-early-middle-1990s.
Anterjot Singh, Medicine Hat  Canada
Awesome and tremendous effort by the Sevadars to digitize priceless valuables of Sikh history. One desirable addition would be a download PDF option for everything at the consent of custodians. Umpteen thanks to all institutions who supported this project. We lost a large account of our history when the Sikh Library at Golden Temple was burnt in 1984. Digitization will preserve whatever we have left
if any attempt is made.
God bless the project
Monika, Bucharest  Romania
It's awesome; everything is very well done, congrats!
Loveleen Kaur, Chandigarh  India
It's a great site. I love it truly.
Sarabjit Kaur, Kowloon  Hong Kong
Very Innovative and creative, a great effort to keep the punjabi culture alive.I find this website very user-friendly.

Thanks Mr.Ambuj Sharma to sending this website link to me.
dalbir kaur, tarn taran  Iran
I can say nothing about this great effort done by Davinder Pal Singh & his unit. I wish them all best of luck for thier mission which they have started for all the punjabi's. I wish if I could join with them to help in any way
punam, chandigarh  India
Good job! It is not necessary to be the leader in solving every problem, you can help the group by bringing focus to the solution. this phrase is true in context of PDL. Good luck!
poonam, Chandigarh  India
Its simply amazing. Panjab digital library has done a great job
Amanpartap Singh, Tampa Florida  United States of America
Gurfateh Ji!

PDL is a divine gift that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Keep it Up!
Amir Singh Kahlon, Calgary  Canada
Excellent effort, please keep up the good work. May God bless you to achieve your GOAL.
Bill Singh, Auckland  New Zealand
This is wonderfull, Thanks for efforts.
tarlochan singh sahota, SURREY  Canada
you did wonderful work i dont have any word for that
pritam, surrey  Canada
Its simply amazing. Panjab digital library has done a great job
so nice very very good thank you.
Jasmeet Singh,  India
Collective efforts for PDL have replenish history and long awaited renaissance.
Hopefully it will repatriat our culture for generations.
Launch of PDL have bring ecstacy to community.
Sucha Mann,  India
Shub-ishawa for the remarkable work in bringing people together for history of Panjab, and raising awareness of the rich history of our global village. Thank you.
AttastNop,  India
This is a wonderful effort!
Atrolla,  India
This is a very good website
Parminder Singh,  India
People have never understood the things that have been done beforehand. Humanity will feel the meaning of this work in the centuries to come.
Parmeet Kaur,  India
Wonderful! Wonderful!
Surinder Pal Singh,  India
I must say it's a unique and pioneering effort in preserving Sikh history. Quite daring and far sighted. Keep up the good work!
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