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PDL Forum Categories > Newspapers > When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers . Jersey
When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers . Jersey
This thread was created by: linchao, on 06/March/19.
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The Chicago Bears are 2-1! I am going to repeat that: The Chicago Bears are 2-1!!! For some of us that isn't a huge surprise Womens Taylor Gabriel Jersey , but for many Bears fans, it certainly is and a pleasant one at that. When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers come to town on Sunday, it will be the most nervous about the outcome that myself, and many other Bears fans have been since the opener. This Bucs squad can put up points and do it in a hurry. The good news is, the Bears have a really good defense and should be able to slow down Ryan Fitzpatrick and...yar...his Merry Mateys. The Steelers did a nice job of showing the Bears the blueprint to use, but their defense is poor and almost allowed Fitzpatrick to rope-swing his way to victory. Like any great shoulder parrot, the Bears are going to need to copy what the Steelers were able to do...sans the comeback attempt of c

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