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PDL Forum Categories > Newspapers > Some of the people asking about Mitch . Jersey
Some of the people asking about Mitch . Jersey
This thread was created by: linchao, on 24/February/19.
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The first thing I heard when walking into work on Monday morning was Cheap Mitchell Trubisky Jersey , 'How about that game by Trubisky, you think he's a franchise quarterback now?" I received a similar text after the game, and I've seen stuff just like that all over social media too after Trubiksy passed for 354 yards and 6 touchdowns against the Buccaneers. Some of the people asking about Mitch, with this new-found faith in him, are the same people that were asking me if I thought he was a bust earlier this season. Here's my answer I gave to both questions; it's too early to tell. Mitchell Trubisky just finished his 16th consecutive start as a professional quarterback. That's just too small a sample size to make a definitive determination on what he'll end up being. I've seen traits in his play that make me lean to believing he'll an above average player, but he needs to

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