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Womens Reggie Ragland Jersey
This thread was created by: linchao, on 13/January/19.
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More than a few Kansas City Chiefs fans were scratching their heads at this one.Just before the end of the first half in Sunday's 37-21 victory over the Cleveland Browns Womens Reggie Ragland Jersey , the Chiefs were penalized for intentional grounding when Patrick Mahomes spiked the ball the stop the clock.At first glance, this defied all common sense.We've seen it hundreds of times.The quarterback spikes the ball.The clock stops because there are less than five minutes remaining in the half, and it's an incomplete pass.The team gives up a down in exchange for stopping the clock.So how could this have been intentional grounding?If you were watching on TV, this was further confused by the commentators initially thinking that the penalty was called because Mahomes snapped the ball before the officials were ready.Nor did it help that nobody in the booth had ever seen anythin

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