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"Books are lighthouses erected in a great sea of time"
-E. P. Whipple

"The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving." 
-Oliver Wendell

Digitization is an important means of ensuring greater access to cultural material. In some cases it is the only means of ensuring that such material will be available for future generations.

The art of a country reflects the psychology of its people. The quality of the art reflects the richness or the poverty of its creative force. And the quality of the appreciation of that art, in its turn, is an indication of the aesthetic and intellectual development of that people.
Ms Amrita Sher-Gill


Keeping focus on highlighting Panjab’s heritage through exhibitions, PDL developed another exhibition, The Khalsa Raj: Banda, Battles & Body Politic. Focus of the exhibit is the digitized heritage of Panjab that elucidate various interesting facets of this glorious era under Banda Singh Bhadur. The heritage speaks for itself explaining history events and original circumstances as they unfolded.

The exhibit displays all the major event, places, forts, and articles related to Banda Singh Bahadur’s eventful campaigns from 1708 to 1716. Put in a chronological order, on display are different historical paintings, hukamname, forts, old buildings, rare pictures, official and non-official documents including secret letters detailing the movements of Banda Singh Bahadur and coin & seal issues by him under the Khalsa Raj, all accompanied by descriptions and text panels detailing their significance. It brings to life the complete sequence of events as it happened right from the meeting of Banda Singh Bahadur with the Guru to his martyrdom.


PDL plans to display the exhibit across the globe until 2016. If you need more info or wish to either sponsor the exhibition or have it displayed in your neighborhood, please contact us at,

During this period, the exhibition was put on show in Australia and Chandigarh. In Australia it was hosted by Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Craigieburn and Gurduara Blackburn and Adelaide. Visited by over 10,000 people the response was awe-inspiring. Dr. Santokh Singh and a team of volunteers led by Harkirat Singh were instrumental in organizing these exhibitions.

In collaboration with Government Museum & Art Gallery Chandigarh a seminar was also held along the exhibition in Chandigarh. At the auditorium of the Museum it was inaugurated and presided over by Avtar Singh Makkar, President of S.G.P.C. The speakers included Dr. Madanjit Kaur, Dr. Surinder Singh, Anurag Singh, Kulbir Singh Sidhu and Dr. Harnam Singh Shan The seminar dwelt upon military stratagems, conquests and social reforms of this outstanding Sikh warrior.


PDL’s digitization team continued its effort to save more documents for future generations. During the quarter, May-July 2010. Major libraries under our scanner are Sikh Reference library of SGPC and personal library of Dr. Harnam Singh Shan. We have digitized over 3000 books from the library of Dr. Shan during this period.

A total of 416, 736 pages were digitized during this period constituting

Books 221,183
Manuscripts 156,400
Newspapers 39,000
Photographs 153


PDL continues to explore and experiment to create new tools for making digitization and its online display more comprehensive and user friendly. PDL has come up with Digital Image Management Software (PDLDIMS) a complete solution to cater to the needs of upcoming digital libraries. The product has been created to manage digital images through processes ranging from acquiring a physical copy in the library, generation of its unique accession number, its metadata generation and other allocation processes and finally making the document online for viewers. With capability to search and highlight even digital images it will be of great help to researchers. The application has staff and administration modules to handle all backend tasks related to digitization and digital libraries. The product can be used in Intranet as well as Internet environments and can handle terabytes of data. The digital libraries interested in availing this facility can write to us at


We solicit your active cooperation and patronage in our mission of heritage preservation and its promotion. Allow us temporary access for digitization of your collection of manuscripts, books, photographs or any other artifact concerning Panjab. You can also provide information about other sources. Support PDL by donating financially, sponsoring equipment or by assisting us through your expert advice on any area of our operations. Our patrons are our grand ambassadors for making our mission a public movement.

Thank You: Harpreet Kaur, Jaswant Kaur, Ankur Sharma, S. Kar, Amrik Singh, Gurmeet Singh, Charanjeev Singh, Saranjeet Singh, Jaspal Singh, Kamal Nagpal, Prakash Jaiswal, D.S. Kang, Jassi Refrigration, Jaswinderpal Singh, Barinder Mohan Singh Chugh, Beena Singh, Simrat Sandhu, Pritam Singh, Lalit, Gaggandeep Singh, Himani Singh, Gurvinder Singh, Chuhar Singh, Jyoti Pannu, Rani Deol and Gulbadan Kaur Randhawa.

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